Volkswagen opens orders on flagship ID7 fully-electric car

With beginning costs of £55,570, Volkswagen’s premier electric vehicle, the ID7, is now available.
It is the first upper mid-sized car from the brand to be all electric. The Pro Launch Edition model, which has a 384-mile range and supports DC charging at up to 175kW, will be the first to be offered.
A larger battery variant with a 200kW charging capacity and an approximate 430 mile range is scheduled to arrive next year.

The 286PS motor, which will power it, is the most potent and high-torque motor on a Volkswagen ID model to date.

Volkswagen UK director Rod McLeord stated: “We are really happy to present the ID7 to our consumers.
“We know a lot of people have been eagerly anticipating its arrival, including a lot of business drivers.”
Volkswagen claims that smart air conditioning, which the vehicle starts on its own as soon as the driver approaches with the key, will optimum interior temperature.
Additional features include a smart glass panoramic sunroof that may be voice or touch controlled to change from opaque to transparent.

In addition, the ID7 has a head-up display and a new 15-inch infotainment operation and display concept with assignable favourites buttons and illuminated interior temperature control sliders in response to consumer feedback.