Updated VW ID4 and ID5: pricing and range

The revised ID4 and ID5 coupe are now available for purchase; Volkswagen has revealed the price and range for these models.

More potent electric motors and an upgraded infotainment touchscreen are features of the new versions.

Volkswagen’s new APP550 drive unit is standard on all ID4 and ID5 models. It was first released for the ID7 and provides a significant increase in power together with a decrease in energy consumption.

The unit increases the torque of the vehicles from 310 to 545 Nm, or 75% more than before, and produces 286 PS.

With a system output of 340PS, which is an increase of 41PS, the fast and all-wheel-drive ID4 GTX and ID5 GTX can now reach 62 mph in 5.4 seconds.

Each powertrain is equipped with a 77kWh battery. Thanks to greater efficiency, the ID4’s combined WLTP range has increased to 337 miles, which is 10.5 miles farther than before, and the ID5’s range has increased to 339 miles, which is an additional 11.8 miles.

Even faster charging is achievable: all-wheel-drive variants now enable 175kW DC charging (formerly 135 kW), and thermal management ensures that the battery is pre-conditioned while driving, prior to the next DC charging stop. These ID variants have a maximum charging capacity of 110 miles per hour, or roughly 10 minutes, of energy storage.

A new infotainment system has been added to the ID4 and ID5, which has a larger 12.9-inch screen, redesigned controls and menus, and LED sliders for the interior temperature. In order to make room for the larger infotainment display, Volkswagen has repositioned the driving mode selector to the steering column, just like in the ID7, and improved the optional augmented reality head-up display. 

Additionally installed is a new IDA voice assistant that reacts even more accurately to natural voice commands and has additional features including cloud-based weather information, stock market prices, and the status of sporting events.

The Harman Kardon premium sound system has replaced the Volkswagen Digital Sound Package with subwoofer. In the UK, the 4Motion GTX variants come standard with the new audio system, while the rear-wheel drive Pro trims have the option to install it.

2024 VW ID4 and ID5 pricing:

ModelPrice (RRP OTR)
ID4 Life Pro 286PS£46,035.00
ID4 Style Pro 286PS£49,440.00
ID4 GTX 4Motion 340PS£53,865.00
ID5 Style Pro 286PS£50,940.00
ID5 Tech Pro 286PS£55,580.00
ID5 GTX 4Motion 340PS£55,365.00
ID5 GTX Style 4Motion 340PS£56,545.00