Hypervolt Charger


‘Just the unit’ from £550 +VAT

This 7kW single-phase charging unit has successfully powered the EV revolution for tens of thousands of individuals, businesses and organisations.

Colour options:  UltraWhite, Space Grey and Ultra Black




Standard unit pricing: £550+VAT (Tethered with 5m charging cable) 

Standard installation: £360+VAT per unit 

Total cost: £910+VAT for total package


7.5m tethered cable: £35 ex-VAT

10.0m tethered cable: £75 ex-VAT

Technical Information:

  • Model: Hypervolt 3.0
  • Connection Capacity: Single phase, 7 kW AC (22kW 3-Phase coming 2023)
  • Charging Connector: Type 2 {5m (standard), 7.5m or 10m}
  • Mounting Type: Wall/Pole mounted
  • Weight: 5.2kg

Hypervolt chargers use your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to offer a seamless connected experience at no extra cost

Hypervolt chargers are automatically upgraded to the latest firmware over-the-air, allowing you to easily benefit from the latest features!

Control your charger using your voice, using Amazon Alexa! Check status, control brightness, schedule charging, control cost, and more!

With built in state-of-the-art pen protection, Hypervolt chargers do not require an Earth Rod to be installed. Faster, cheaper, and much safer!

Never have to worry about tripped fuses or using all your appliances. Hypervolt chargers automatically adjust to household load.


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Project EV 7.3kW charger


Free Installation
Tethered or Untethered EV charger option
Monthly payments from as little as £22.99 +VAT 

For further information regarding paying for the the charger monthly or as a one off cost, please click here

EZi-EV offers an efficient home EV charger installation that can be paid via credit/debit cards or on monthly finance. EZi-EV will install a smart-app controlled, Project EV charger: the only single-phase, fast AC electric car home charger you’ll ever need.

The Project EV charger is perfect for environmentally conscious EV drivers, as it is one of the most efficient home charging systems on the market today. With a power of up to 7.3kW, its fast-charging capabilities are second to none. The Project EV charger is easy to operate, with total control via the Electric Miles smart app, you can customise charging rates, prioritise off-peak charging, and start and resume charging cycles remotely, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to start and stop charging with just the touch of a button.

The Project EV charger’s sleek internal design comes with built-in Pro Earth protection, meaning the charger does not require the addition of a costly earth spike installation at your property.

To receive a welcome email and direct contact from EZi-EV please complete the short form via the following link: – https://ezi-ev.co.uk/page/sales-enquiry-1/balgores

Here’s what you can expect from EZI-EV:

5-Year Warranty

  • 5-year repair or replace warranty, granting you complete cover for call-out & remote diagnostic support. Also featuring app care cover through the Electric Miles telephone support team.

Smart Electric Miles SMART App

  • The smart way to reliably charge your electric vehicle – save money and reduce your carbon footprint, using our best home EV charging app.
  • With Electric Miles, you can remotely start an instant charge, set charging preferences, smart charge during off-peak hours or by setting a spending cap, view how, when and by how much you’ve charged your EV, find public charge points near you, and be fully regulatory compliant, with off-peak and randomised delay charging.

Dedicated Customer Support.

  • Call Centre (8am-6pm opening times)
  • Dedicated UK Based Tech Team

No upfront costs

  • If you chose to pay for your EZI-EV charger by monthly finance, you will not face any upfront payments before the charger has been installed at your home.

Flexible installation dates

  • Typically, you can arrange your installation within 7 to 21 days of the payment of the completion of your install survey.

The EZi-EV website is designed to help answer any questions you might have. Click below for more info.


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