3rd November 2017 by John Meadowcroft

There are so many benefits to leasing a car instead of purchasing a vehicle outright. A lease helps drivers to better manage their monthly budget, allows them access to a car they may not have had the pleasure of previously affording, can include benefits like servicing in the price and much more besides.


Despite the enormous benefits associated with leasing a car for personal or professional purposes, it’s still discouraging to hear that people across the country sometimes have a bad ‘end of lease’ experience when returning their vehicle.

A bad end of lease can be a small blot on leasing’s otherwise incredible copybook. There’s good news for leasing customers too; there doesn’t have to be a bad end of lease experience at all if you follow these simple tips:

1: Treat the car as if it were your own

Sometimes, people have a tendency to let the cosmetic side of things slide when they lease a vehicle. The more pride they take in their car over time though, the less likely they’ll be hit with any financial surprises at the end of their lease.

Before collection, valeting the interior and polishing the car to buff out light scratches (which may happen naturally during the lease) goes a long way to keeping the car presentable at the end of the lease. Are your tyres legal and windscreen in good condition? Make sure that any scheduled service commitments are met too; you may be charged for missing a service during your lease.

2: Be vigilant during collection

Similarly, the more vigilant you are before somebody comes to collect your car at the end of your leasing period, the better your chances of collecting the right information and avoiding a bad end of lease experience. Always get things in writing and take pictures of the vehicle, no matter what.

Ask to see the report the person who’s collecting the car has written up, check the photos they’ve taken and ask for a printed copy. If you’re unable to get a printed copy, make sure to write “not checked as printed version unavailable” if signing via an electronic device.

3: The BVRLA is your friend

The BVRLA is the trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing sector, and is on the side of drivers as much as leasing companies. If the person collecting your car believes it has been damaged, photograph and measure it yourself and compare it with the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide – one of many documents the BVRLA provides.

Again, take your own photographs to support any case you feel you may have. If you believe you’re within the BVRLA’s standards, ask the collector to note your thoughts on the appraisal sheet. If they don’t, it’s advisable not to sign the collection note. It’s so important to stress again that it pays to get interactions in writing and discount verbal assurances.

4: Work alongside a personable leasing specialist

Oftentimes prevention is the best cure. Working with a personable leasing specialist able to provide the very best service in private or commercial leasing opportunities will go a long way to negating a bad end of lease experience as well as providing continual assistance through a dedicated, friendly management team.

Not only can they help you find the best lease financially and the best car for your budget, they’ll be able to advise on any problems you may have during your lease, how to get the absolute most from your vehicle during the terms of your contract, and offer assistance on a personal level to make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises when it’s time to return your car.

Balgores Leasing, for instance, is able to provide BVRLA documentation for free to our customers whenever they lease a vehicle to help them be as prepared as possible before, during and after the leasing process. We are also a specialist leasing broker, taking the weight from customers’ shoulders should they have any disputed end of contract charges, negotiating on their behalf to get the absolute best resolution possible for them.

Balgores Leasing Ltd. has been helping people find incredible leasing deals through our excellent independent service since 1990. For more information on leasing a vehicle, please contact Balgores today on 01708 384451.